When I hang upside down and write the wrong way up, will my letters be upside down or the right way up?

Well I am fed up with all the positiveness all over the internet and at work, and everywhere. All this era of Goodness and Kindness…how to be the best version of you, how to be the best mom, how to be the best lover…how to love more and do less, how to understand everyone, how to save the planet ….how to understand yourself and how to do this and that….

How about…Fuck off with all this!!!?! Eh?
I want to make mistakes, I want to be just the way I am…I want to learn from mistakes and gain experiences. I want to learn from my kid, I want to keep learn how to love and be loved. I want to be quiet and enjoy it, I want to be angry…I want to say dirty jokes, I want to be accepted just how the hell I am. I’m fed up with standards. Not interested saying the right words, or to do the right thing everytime…Not interested what others feel all the time.

Not interested to compare myself with other earthlings. I like that I have flaws. Imperfections are erotic.
Not interested to achieve supreme standards in social pool. I don’t like every human or creature. Not interested to have double standards just to not hurt someones feelings. Not interested to understand every person I meet, I don’t care about being a role model.

On that note…Cheers!