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Wet brain

I have hardly anything in common with myself and should stand very quietly in a corner, content that I can breathe.F. Kafka Back in my school days, Kafka's books were something orgasmic and with little effort I was sucking the... Continue Reading →

Fitting in

Like an old photograph, your lifeless look is craving a touch on the cold bones of your corpse. You inhale dust and mist before you secretly steal moments of pleasure. Your pores puke rage and anger but under your skin... Continue Reading →


Quantum physics is strange. At least, it is strange to us, because the rules of the quantum world, which govern the way the world works at the level of atoms and subatomic particles (the behavior of light and matter, as... Continue Reading →

Under your skin

Don’t let mental blocks control you. Set yourself free. Confront your fear and turn the mental blocks into building blocks.


Welcome to a new decade! Control your chaos and: Start having independent thought. Learn about things, instead of reading misinformation and misinterpreted information on social media. Start feeling a sense of strength of Independence and empowerment. Provide yourself a new... Continue Reading →

Merry Christmas

Happy Sunday!

Sunday's silence can only mean one thing.Monday's here!

Wallace Collection

While in London do not miss the Wallace Collection. This is a museum housing paintings, decorative arts and a world-class armoury situated in Marylebone, London.


Yes, London. You know, fish, chips, cup o tea, bad food, worse weather, Mary-fucking-Poppins. London! 

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