Archerfish are extremely accurate at shooting jets of water at their prey – and studies have shown that they practically always hit their target on the first shot, for a distance of up to 3m away (9ft). This is mainly due to the fact that they have specific areas of their eyes they utilize to compensate perfectly for the refraction of the water-air interface.

Young Archerfish must train when they start hunting. In fact, they are very inaccurate at first – and hunt in larger schools to compensate for this – but improve drastically with experience. 

WHAT IF THE next time you had to take a test, the teacher asked you to spit at the correct answer?

Don’t laugh. In a recent study, archerfish proved they could identify human faces by squirting a stream of water at the correct image on a screen.

In the wild, archerfish use their spit cannons to knock insects and other prey into the water so they can gulp them down. But in the lab, researchers used food to train these mangrove-loving fish to apply their sharpshooting abilities to an experiment on animal cognition.

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