Very common and familiar species (as its name indicates it), the European Robin is really the king of the gardens. Rather solitary outside the breeding season, it is very close to us in winter, begging some bread crumbs at the kitchen’s door. It will consume also insects, worms, fruits, seeds, and will sing for us in at dawn as soon as the spring begins. Its melodious song charms us even if it awakes us! 

According to the areas, it is sedentary or migratory. In spring, it builds its nest among the vegetation, well hidden in ivy, a hedge or the thick foliage of a shrub. It is a territorial bird which will defend its territory against other species, or even against other robins. These fights can even sometimes become violent.

Male and female are similar. Crown, nape and upper parts, including wings and tail are soft brown. We can see a fine buffy wing bar, sometimes indistinct. 
Face, throat and chest are bright red-orange, bordered with grey except on forehead. The underparts are rather whitish with pale reddish-brown flanks.

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