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Physicists mash quantum and gravity and find time, but not as we know it

A University of Queensland-led international team of researchers say they have discovered "a new kind of quantum time order." UQ physicist Dr Magdalena Zych said the discovery arose from an experiment the team designed to bring together elements of the... Continue Reading →

Schrödinger’s cat with 20 qubits

In 1935, the physicist Erwin Schrödinger put forward the thought experiment with the quantum cat, in which the cat is enclosed in a box together with a radioactive sample, a detector and a lethal amount of poison. If the radioactive... Continue Reading →

Neutron-rich matter in heaven and on Earth

Where do neutrons go? The elusive answer to such a seemingly simple question provides fundamental new insights into the structure of both atomic nuclei and neutron stars. To place the question in the proper context, consider lead-208, the element’s most... Continue Reading →

Researchers find quantum gravity has no symmetry

A new study by a pair of researchers in the US and Japan has found that, when gravity is combined with quantum mechanics, symmetry is not possible. "Many physicists believe that there must a beautiful set of laws in Nature... Continue Reading →

Physicists can predict the jumps of Schrödinger’s cat (and finally save it)

Yale researchers have figured out how to catch and save Schrödinger's famous cat, the symbol of quantum superposition and unpredictability, by anticipating its jumps and acting in real time to save it from proverbial doom. In the process, they overturn... Continue Reading →

Breakthrough in new material to harness solar power

The most affordable, efficient way to harness the cleanest, most abundant renewable energy source in the world is one step closer to reality. The University of Toledo physicist pushing the performance of solar cells to levels never before reached made... Continue Reading →

Subsonic Turbulence

Most people are familiar with the notion of turbulence. Whether it is the chaotic swirls that appear as you add milk to your morning coffee, the branching and twisting of cigarette smoke that causes it to linger in front of... Continue Reading →

Researchers discover surprising quantum effect in hard disk drive material

Scientists find surprising way to affect information storage properties in metal alloy. Sometimes scientific discoveries can be found along well-trodden paths. That proved the case for a cobalt-iron alloy material commonly found in hard disk drives. As reported in a... Continue Reading →

Abel-prize winner Karen Keskulla Uhlenbeck built bridges between analysis, geometry and physics

U.S. mathematician Karen Keskulla Uhlenbeck has won the 2019 Abel Prize—one of the field’s most prestigious awardscfor her wide-ranging work in analysis, geometry and mathematical physics. Uhlenbeck is the first woman to win the 6-million-kroner (U.S.$702,500) prize, which is given... Continue Reading →

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