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Why, sometimes, we don’t see what we actually saw

Georgetown University neuroscientists say they have identified how people can have a "crash in visual processing" -- a bottleneck of feed-forward and feedback signals that can cause us not to be consciously aware of stimuli that our brain recognized. In... Continue Reading →

Past Experiences Shape What We See More Than What We Are Looking at Now

A rope coiled on dusty trail may trigger a frightened jump by a hiker who recently stepped on a snake. Now a new study better explains how a one-time visual experience can shape perceptions afterward. Led by neuroscientists from NYU... Continue Reading →

Scientists Visualize the Connections Between Eye and Brain

Most of the human brain’s estimated 86 billion nerve cells, or neurons, can ultimately engage in a two-way dialogue with any other neuron. To shed more light on how neurons in this labyrinthine network integrate information – that is, precisely... Continue Reading →

Does Pupil Dilation Occur Before Insight?

The Computer Science and Engineering Research Team at the Toyohashi University of Technology has measured the pupil (referred to as the “black part” of the eye) when a person is inspired by an object. It is known that the pupil... Continue Reading →

Do We Subconsciously Judge Face-likeness?

Face-likeness recognition is the act of recognizing a non-face object as a human face. This phenomenon is called “pareidolia,” and refers to “perceiving an inherently meaningless object such as a pattern, landscape or object as another object with meaning.” Many... Continue Reading →

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