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Scientists Discover How Brain Signals Travel to Drive Language Performance

Effective verbal communication depends on one’s ability to retrieve and select the appropriate words to convey an intended meaning. For many, this process is instinctive, but for someone who has suffered a stroke or another type of brain damage, communicating... Continue Reading →

Study Reveals Brain Activity Patterns Underlying Fluent Speech

When we speak, we engage nearly 100 muscles, continuously moving our lips, jaw, tongue, and throat to shape our breath into the fluent sequences of sounds that form our words and sentences. A new study by UC San Francisco scientists... Continue Reading →

Preschoolers Correct Speaking Mistakes Even When Talking to Themselves

One of the differences between adults and preschoolers when it comes to private speech is that adults typically talk to themselves in their heads, while preschoolers talk to themselves aloud, particularly while playing or working on a task. Private speech... Continue Reading →

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