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sleep deprivation

Link between obesity and sleep loss

Can staying up late make you fat? A growing body of research has suggested that poor sleep quality is linked to an increased risk of obesity by deregulating appetite, which in turn leads to more calorie consumption. But a new... Continue Reading →

Poor sleep triggers viral loneliness and social rejection

Poor sleep can literally kill your social life. UC Berkeley researchers have found that sleep-deprived people feel lonelier and less inclined to engage with others, avoiding close contact in much the same way as people with social anxiety. Worse still,... Continue Reading →

Sleep deprivation handicaps the brain’s ability to form new memories, mouse study shows

Chemical recalibration of brain cells during sleep is crucial for learning, and sleeping pills may sabotage it. Studying mice, scientists at Johns Hopkins have fortified evidence that a key purpose of sleep is to recalibrate the brain cells responsible for... Continue Reading →

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