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Link Found Between Resilience to Dyslexia and Gray Matter in the Frontal Brain

Dyslexia, a reading disorder, is characterized by a difficulty in “decoding” — navigating between the visual form and sounds of a written language. But a subset of dyslexic people, dubbed “resilient dyslexics,” exhibit remarkably high levels of reading comprehension despite... Continue Reading →

Waking Up Is Hard to Do: Reversing Deep Unconsciousness

Philosophers have pondered the nature of consciousness for thousands of years. In the 21st century, the debate over how the brain gives rise to our everyday experience continues to puzzle scientists.  To help, researchers in the University of Michigan Medical... Continue Reading →

Social rejection is painful and can lead to violence. A new study suggests that mindfulness may be a solution.

People who have greater levels of mindfulness — or the tendency to maintain attention on and awareness of the present moment — are better able to cope with the pain of being rejected by others, according to a new study... Continue Reading →

Keep calm and carry on: Mothers with high emotional, cognitive control help kids behave

A new parenting study led by BYU professor Ali Crandall finds that the greater emotional control and problem-solving abilities a mother has, the less likely her children will develop behavioral problems, such as throwing tantrums or fighting. The study also... Continue Reading →

New Parts of the Brain Become Active After Students Learn Physics

Parts of the brain not traditionally associated with learning science become active when people are confronted with solving physics problems, a new study shows. The researchers, led by Eric Brewe, PhD, an associate professor in Drexel University’s College of Arts... Continue Reading →

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