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What is a Radian?

Well, a Radian, simply put, is a unit of measure for angles that is based on the radius of a circle. What this means is that if we imagine taking the length of the radius and wrapping it around a... Continue Reading →

Sphere…my lost love

I do love animations of sphere. If some mechanical parts are involved it's even better. Found this hypnotic animation, but I do not know is creator. If anyone knows, please let me know so I can credit the creator.

Design of inorganic materials for brain-like computing

Ever wish your computer could think like you do or perhaps even understand you? That future may not be now, but it's one step closer, thanks to a Texas A&M University-led team of scientists and engineers and their recent discovery... Continue Reading →

Study shows we like our math like we like our art: Beautiful

A beautiful landscape painting, a beautiful piano sonata -- art and music are almost exclusively described in terms of aesthetics, but what about math? Beyond useful or brilliant, can an abstract idea be considered beautiful? Yes, actually -- and not... Continue Reading →

Newton’s Method

In numerical analysis, Newton's method (also known as the Newton–Raphson method), named after Isaac Newton and Joseph Raphson, is a method for finding successively better approximations to the roots (or zeroes) of a real-valued function. The idea of the method is as follows: one starts with an initial guess which is... Continue Reading →

Envelope (mathematics) & Cardioid

In geometry, an envelope of a family of curves in the plane is a curve that is tangent to each member of the family at some point, and these points of tangency together form the whole envelope. Classically, a point on the envelope can be thought of as the... Continue Reading →


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