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BepiColombo takes last snaps of Earth en route to Mercury

The ESA/JAXA BepiColombo mission completed its first flyby on 10 April, as the spacecraft came less than 12 700 km from Earth’s surface at 06:25 CEST, steering its trajectory towards the final destination, Mercury. Images gathered just before closest approach portray... Continue Reading →

Angelic Halo Orbit Chosen For Humankind’s First Lunar Outpost

Like the International Space Station, the Gateway will be a permanent and changeable human outpost. Instead of circling our planet however, it will orbit the Moon, acting as a base for astronauts and robots exploring the lunar surface. The Gateway concept Like... Continue Reading →

Assembly of the ISS

It is the largest and most sophisticated object ever built off the Earth. It has taken numerous spaceflights and over a decade to construct. The International Space Station (ISS) is currently the premiere habitat for humans in Earth orbit, and an amalgamation of sophisticated orbiting... Continue Reading →

Oxygen ions sent from Earth have been spotted on the moon

Earth’s atmosphere may have been leaking oxygen onto the moon for billions of years. Energetic particles from the solar wind bombard the moon nearly all time, except for a five-day window each month, when Earth passes between the sun and... Continue Reading →

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