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Unprecedented single-cell studies in virtual embryo

Researchers from EMBL Heidelberg and from the University of Padua School of Medicine have created the first complete description of early embryo development, accounting for every single cell in the embryo. This 'virtual embryo' will help to answer how the... Continue Reading →

Nano-thermometer takes temperature inside cells

How do you know a cell has a fever? Take its temperature. That's now possible thanks to research by Rice University scientists who used the light-emitting properties of particular molecules to create a fluorescent nano-thermometer. The Rice lab of chemist... Continue Reading →

How the cell eats itself

Autophagy—the process by which a cell digests and recycles various molecules and organelles in its cytoplasm—is critical for maintaining homeostasis and for helping cells survive low-nutrient conditions. In a series of steps, a vesicle precursor, known as the phagophore, is... Continue Reading →

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