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The Surface of Venus from Venera 13

If you could stand on Venus -- what would you see? Pictured is the view from Venera 13, a robotic Soviet lander which parachuted and air-braked down through the thick Venusian atmosphere in March of 1982. The desolate landscape it saw included flat rocks, vast... Continue Reading →

NASA’s Juno Reveals Dark Origins of One of Jupiter’s Grand Light Shows

The gas-giant orbiter is illuminating the provenance of Jovian polar light shows. New results from the Ultraviolet Spectrograph instrument on NASA’s Juno mission reveal for the first time the birth of auroral dawn storms – the early morning brightening unique... Continue Reading →

The Preferred Jobs of Serial Killers and Psychopaths

The startling arrest of the elusive Golden State Killer, aka the East Area Rapist/Original Night Stalker/Diamond Knot Killer/Visalia Ransacker in what was arguably the most vexing and disturbing constellation of interlinked cold cases in American history, has raised more questions than... Continue Reading →

Hypergiant Star Canis Majoris

This artist's impression of hypergiant star VY Canis Majoris shows the star's vast convection cells and violent ejections. VY Canis Majoris is so large that if it replaced the Sun, the star would extend for hundreds of millions of miles, between the... Continue Reading →

Retinal Implants Can Give Artificial Vision to the Blind

A team of EPFL engineers has developed technology that could partially restore vision in blind people. The study is published in Communications Materials. Restoring eyesight has always been one of the biggest challenges for scientists. Diego Ghezzi, who holds the Medtronic... Continue Reading →

Young Night Owls With High Psychosis Risk Experience More Psychotic Symptoms

Young people at ultra-high risk of developing psychosis have significantly higher psychotic symptoms if they are an evening person, Orygen researchers have found. Their research, published last month in the journal Early Intervention in Psychiatry, investigated the link between sleep disturbance, chronotype... Continue Reading →

Gut Microbes May Hold the Key for Treating Neurological Disorders

When we think about the causes of neurological disorders and how to treat them, we think about targeting the brain. But is this the best or only way? Maybe not. New research by scientists at Baylor College of Medicine suggests... Continue Reading →

Study of coronavirus variants predicts virus evolving to escape current vaccines

A new study of the U.K. and South Africa variants of SARS-CoV-2 predicts that current vaccines and certain monoclonal antibodies may be less effective at neutralizing these variants and that the new variants raise the specter that reinfections could be... Continue Reading →

‘Mini Brain’ Organoids Grown in Lab Mature Much Like Infant Brains

A new study from UCLA and Stanford University researchers finds that three-dimensional human stem cell-derived ‘mini brain’ organoids can mature in a manner that is strikingly similar to human brain development. For the new study, published in Nature Neuroscience February 22, senior... Continue Reading →

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