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Scientists discover ‘switch’ that helps breast cancer spread around the body

The early-stage research, led by scientists from Imperial College London and The Institute of Cancer Research, London, identified a genetic 'switch' in breast cancer cells that boosts the production of a type of internal scaffolding. This scaffolding is a type... Continue Reading →


Cancer: Central role of cell ‘skeleton’ discovered

All cells possess a cytoskeleton which allows them to move and maintain their shape. However, scientists recently showed that a part of this cytoskeleton called branched actin is also essential to cell proliferation, this actin transmits information to cells about... Continue Reading →

Combination treatment, diabetes drug and immunotherapy, may help to fight breast cancer

MYC, a gene with high cancer-initiating potential, is overexpressed in over 40% of breast cancers. While MYC programs breast cancer cells to build more macromolecules (anabolic metabolism) it also creates a metabolic vulnerability by making them more sensitive to a... Continue Reading →

A possible off-the-shelf treatment for cancer

Two infants with leukemia are now in remission, thanks to a world-first treatment that uses genetically engineered T-cells from healthy donors. The UK patients were first given the treatment back in 2015, after chemotherapy failed to show results. Now, after... Continue Reading →

Why High-Dose Vitamin C Kills Cancer Cells

University of Iowa (UI) researchers believe that they have found out why the use of vitamin C as cancer therapy has had issues in the past. The UI scientists have shown that giving vitamin C intravenously, rather than the traditional... Continue Reading →

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